WARNING: This piece will contain some serious information about the incident including violence and shooting.

During an Afternoon at a Madden Tournament event in Chicago Pizza at the Jackson Landing, around 1:34 PM local time, there were calls made to the police about people getting shot.

As of the writing of this article, Sheriff Mike Williams has stated, “There were 14 total victims; 12 with Gunshot wounds and (2) with other injuries that were sustained from fleeing from the restaurant”. He has also stated that the numbers may CHANGE as the police and other agencies such as the FBI are assisting them and continuing their investigation into the incident.

All other victims reported are currently in stable condition, however, Jax Sheriff’s Office has yet announced if everyone is accounted for. When authorities arrived on the scene, they stated that they believed one of the deceased to be the suspect in the shooting that had taken his own life after the incident.

The Police had also set up a Family Assistance service that is located at the Prime Osborne Center; 1000 Water St, Jacksonville, FL 32204 for family members who are worried about any relatives who remained unaccounted for them.

Currently, the Police has one suspect by the name of David Katz, 24 from Baltimore, MD. This is still PENDING THROUGH INVESTIGATION and the police had appealed to the public that if anyone has any relevant information on where he stayed around the time of the incident to contact them.

EA had released a statement regarding the incident. PLEASE note that they were not responsible for the security of the event and they had provided support and information to the police in regards to the Maddison Championships event at Jacksonville.

From Gamer’s Classified, we express our thoughts, prayers and sympathies to those affected by the tragedy that should not have happened. We also ask that if you are seeking support or have any need for someone to talk to, please contact Lifeline Australia at 13 11 14.

UPDATE: The Details of the victims have been released;

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