Italian Operators leaked for the next season of Rainbow Six Siege

Operation Chimera only launched two weeks ago with the Outbreak event and leaks for next season Operators are already making themselves known.

Year Three Season One saw Finka and Lion added to the attacking side. Creating the CRBN Threat Unit from the Russian Spetsnaz and French GIGN respectively. The Road Map for this year shows us that two Italian Operators will be joining us for Season Two. Along with a new Italian Map these operators may both be defenders to counter the two attackers from this Season. They could, however, return to the one attacker and one defender system. Season Three could possibly add two defenders, evening out the number of Operators on each side if Season Two does not. The Operators will hail from the UK and USA, bringing with them a map rework. Season Four will welcome two Operators from Morocco accompanied by a new Map set in Morocco as well.

Year 3 Roadmap
Year 3 Roadmap Source:

It wouldn’t be Rainbow Six without a leak as we have seen this Season and during Year Two with Season Three and Season Four leaks. The Operation for Season Two of this year is yet to have a name but the Operators do. Alibi and Maestro are your new Italian Operators.


Leaked Italian Operator Alibi Rainbow Six Siege
Leaked Italian Operator Alibi Rainbow Six Siege. Source: Reddit

The first of the leaked Italian Operators is Alibi. From the image above we can see she may be the Hologram Operator that details have previously been leaked about. The Hologram Gadget could be used to deceive enemy players, being in multiple places at once, tying in nicely with the name Alibi. It is not yet known how it will be deployed or behave in game. The Maroon Beret that both Operators wear indicates they are Paratroopers. The patch on her chest reading G.I.S indicates she is apart of the Gruppo di intervento speciale or ‘Special Intervention Forces’. The G.I.S is an airborne counter-terrorism tactical response unit that is apart of the Italian Carabinieri military police. Alibi’s insignia on her beret represents the 1st Paratroopers Carabinieri Regiment ‘Tuscania’. The light armour appearance could mean that Alibi is a 1 Armour and 3 Speed Operator.


Leaked Italian Operator Maestro Rainbow Six Siege
Leaked Italian Operator Maestro Rainbow Six Siege. Source: Reddit

The next Italian Operator is Maestro. Also sporting the Maroon Beret, Maestro’s insignia represents the Paratroopers Brigade ‘Folgore’. The patch on his right arm also reads G.I.S, aligning with that of Alibi. The bullet loops of shotgun ammo indicates he could be using the AA-12 Shotgun that was leaked previous data dumps. Other previously leaked Gadgets have revealed a bullet proof camera similar to Valkyrie’s Black Eyes. Having the added benefit of bullet proofing could reduce the number of deploy-able cameras available. It is not known if this will belong to Maestro but the name ‘Barrage’ does not sound as though it will be. The heavier looking armour than Alibi’s could mean Maestro is a 2 Armour and 2 Speed Operator.

These leaks have not been confirmed by Ubisoft and we most likely will not know until the release of Season 2. However, with the accuracy of previous leaks and the country aligning with the Road Map, these will most likely be your new Operators.