The Hunt is on for Uldren Sov in Destiny 2: Forsaken

The Destiny 2: Forsaken launch trailer has arrived this week, just after we saw the Last Stand of the Gunslinger.

Cayde-6 has left the tower and we won’t be seeing him again. With less than a week until Forsaken goes live, the final launch trailer has been released. It shows the final moments of one of the most loved characters in Destiny as Uldren Sov uses Cayde’s own Ace of Spades to break all our hearts. His last words, directed at Uldren, asking about his sister Queen Mara Sov, could mean she is still alive. Uldren closes his eyes before pulling the trigger and we hear Cayde’s body fall to the ground.

With Uldren Sov at the head of the Barrons, we must now go after him. To do so, we will gain a new destination and travel to The Reef. Once there we appear to team up with Petra Venj and meet with Spider, a Fallen ally, in the Tangled Shore. The unfamiliar Titan shown with Zavala and Ikora and then with Petra and Spider actually represents our own guardian. As he vows that ‘Uldren Sov is mine’, our silent hero might actually be getting some voice lines in Forsaken. We have not heard our Guardian’s voice at all during Destiny 2, as our Ghost speaks for us instead. We also get a glimpse of the new Supers that will be coming in just a matter of days now.

Forsaken and Beyond

Bungie has also released a ViDoc where the team discuss the Forsaken Launch and what will be coming afterwards. The video mentions learning from feedback as a big influence on the Forsaken expansion. Learning from successful expansions from the first Destiny like Taken King, learning from the mistakes Destiny 2 has made and learning from the fans.

Destiny 2.0 is already live in the lead up to Forsaken’s release. The changes shown include some UI and quality of life changes to make the menus easier to follow. With the new random rolls, players will be keeping multiples of certain weapons so Bungie has increased the Vault space. 200 extra slots are now available for us to hoard all those shiny items. The weapons slots have also received their changes to what weapon types can go where, so the triple shotgun loadout can begin.

Forsaken will start with Gambit, the new PvP mode, with a 24-hour trial run starting tomorrow on September 2nd for us in Australia. The beginning of each new season after Forsaken will be free for every player. Events and rewards will be available to everyone, not just those who own the Annual Pass. For those that do own the Annual Pass, there will be exclusive weapons and hidden quests each season.

Forsaken will go live on September 4th next week, which for us will be September 5th at 4 am AEST.