Telltale Games shocked the gaming industry earlier this week when they revealed a “major studio closure” was underway. This left fans wondering the fate of their unfinished projects, particularly the fourth and final season of their acclaimed series, The Walking Dead. However, with a statement released today by Telltale Games, fans were given hope that their projects would not yet be abandoned.

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Telltale Games are famed for their unique, episodic mode of gaming. Their notable titles also include The Wolf Among UsBatman: The Telltale Series and they were developing a Stranger Things game in collaboration with Netflix. 

Last week, an announcement was made that a majority of the employees of Telltale Games had been dismissed due to financial strain at the studio. Reportedly, these employees were dismissed without severance, which has consequently caused a drop in support for Telltale as many have called to see correct treatment be given to their dismissed employees, who have been left to “spread […] across the games industry”.

With most of the staff of Telltale having been laid off, the studio is left with a skeletal crew of approximately 25 staff members, although the fate of the studio as a whole is yet to be confirmed.

Only last month, Telltale released the first episode of the fourth and final seasons of their hugely successful title, The Walking Dead. The second episode of this series was released today, however fans were left with the disappointing possibility that the game may never be completed as Telltale Games faced “insurmountable challenges”, as stated by the CEO, Pete Hawley.

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However, in a statement released today on Twitter by Telltale Games, fans were given hope that the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season would not be abandoned as Telltale announced:

The announcement that potential partners were stepping up to see through the completion of The Walking Dead was met to the relief of fans. While there are no confirmed plans or updates about whether current or former developers of the Telltale Games team will be involved in the potential continuation of development of The Walking Dead, it has given hope to the gaming community that this is not the last they will see of Telltale Games as many players and fans of their The Walking Dead series were quick to spark online petitions to see the game be revived and completed.

With little confirmed information coming from Telltale Games, a lot remains unknown to the gaming community, the latest updates regarding the future of The Walking Dead has, at least, given fans the hope that Clementine’s story will be completed before Telltale Games closes its doors.

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