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  • Symmetra will be getting some drastic changes to her character design
  • Her character has been reworked with Support out of mind and Damage in mind
  • Thechanges make her a much more versatile character

The Overwatch Team has been hard at work on trying to get Symmetra all worked out and up to scratch. Her character has been in a mess ever since the launch of Overwatch, from being utilized too much to not enough, and then to only in defensive situations.

The changes being put to the PTR attempt to completely overhaul this – The Overwatch team has completely turned the character on her head, reworking her systems of play and creating a much more versatile experience.

The changes have been a long time coming – they’ve been getting talked about since the release of Rialto. Here’s the kind of changes we’re talking about.

Firstly, Symmetra’s gun isn’t auto-lock on now – instead, it acts like a solid beam weapon, kind of like how Zarya’s weapon works, which seems like the most balanced thing to do if they’re directing her into a damage-based character. When hitting a barrier, it’ll generate itself ammo, and the range has also been increased. Damage has also been increased.

The weapons alternate fire has also been changed up – it no longer pierces enemies, works faster and travels fast – it now explodes on contact.

The damage of turrets has also been increased, but now you can only place 3, instead of 6 – the placement of the turrets has also been made into a projectile-like placement.

The teleporter has also been made an off-hand ability – it can be placed for up to 10 seconds, and functions a little differently to before. It now isn’t directly connected to the spawn, and the exit can be placed up to 25 metres from Symmetra. The entrance can now be destroyed, as it can now be on the battlefield, and objects like Junkrats tire can now move through. This has some mischievous implications for play. Health of the teleporter is also lower.

And, the big news – Symmetra has a new ultimate – Photon Barrier. A gigantic-Reinhardt style shield.

We can’t wait, and if you can’t either, the changes are up on the PTR.

A release date hasn’t been confirmed.

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