MBA dropout, Johnny (right) begins his new business with the help of Clyde (right).

Weedcraft Inc. is a new point and click PC game created by Vile Monarch and published by Devolver Digital. It uses comic book-like illustrations and an urban beats soundtrack to tell the story of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) dropout, Johnny. Johnny is now pursuing a career as an apprentice Botanist under the tutelage of this brother, Clyde. Clyde knows the best way to learn is through hands on experience so he gives Johnny the basic tools of the craft and leaves him to learn for himself how to grow the best product. Your task is to help him combine his business background with practical experience to grow a successful marijuana empire.

The basement of Johnny and Clyde’s dwelling doubles as a grow house. Johnny must plant, water and trim (train) different strains of marijuana to create the best quality product. This section of the game is like having to care for tamagotchis. The plants require constant attention and develop differently based on the care you give them. I really enjoyed this part of the game. I gave my tamagotchis all the time in the world because I wanted them to grow up big and strong. If, unlike me, you do not have all the time in the world, you can use the time lapse feature to speed up the growing process.

Take are of your plants so they grow up big and strong.

Because Johnny is new to Botany, he sometimes doesn’t know what to do next. Luckily, his brother Clyde is on hand to suggest the next step. For example, once Johnny has cultivated his field yield, he might like to purchase turf on which to sell it. Where should he do this? If Clyde’s instructions are not precise enough, you will be guided by a little pointing hand.

As the game progresses, Johnny is able to purchase new plant strains and better growing equipment. Once you establish the ideal growing condition for each type of tamagotchi, you can save your settings. This means that future tamagotchis of the same variety will be planted and cared for in the same way.

With new products come new growth opportunities. As the Social Circle feature becomes available, Johnny is able to cater to new market segments. Here, he is able to use his MBA knowledge to determine which market segments are most lucrative. This will inform which plants he invests most in and where he should locate his business premises. There is even a spreadsheet feature which allows you to track your income and spending.

Keep track of your cashflow and spending.

I enjoyed this game but had one initial concern. It’s focus is on growing marijuana which is illegal in most places where this game is available. Should I be promoting this content? Then I remembered how many video games are about shooting people and killing things. Weedcraft Inc. would hardly be the first time a game and revolved around actions which are illegal in real life. Thinking about how may Alliance players I’ve killed and how many bodies I’ve looted in World of Warcraft lessens my concerns. Real life and gameplay are separate things. And I really enjoyed caring for my tamagotchis.

Weedcraft Inc. is available now via STEAM and GOG.