Google to launch a Netflix-inspired games streaming service 

While a fairly recent addition to the modern gaming world, the concept of streaming games is quickly picking up steam. Google is putting their best foot forward and leading the charge to bring game-streaming to the masses. Planning a service that has been described as ‘Netflix for games’, it could be revolutionary hardware.

Cutting out the expenses of consoles, this streaming service would allow console gaming for fraction of the cost. This would effectively eliminate the need to purchase a console with every ‘next-gen’ upgrade.

Reported on by 9to5google, a ‘mysterious keynote’ will be revealed next month. This is set to take place at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on March 19th. According to the report, Google is planning to announce gaming hardware.

This comes after the closure of Project Stream in January.

The results of Project Stream were impressive. Google took on the challenge of streaming Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Check out the gameplay below:

Keen to know more about how game streaming works? Check out the article by Gamers Classified covering all the details.

The keynote next month should supposedly be announcing a game streaming service. This is set to be powered on the Project Stream technology. Accompanying hardware was also reported.

The revenue and benefits of this could be revolutionary to the gaming industry. With a predicted $138 billion in revenue, Google is set to shake up gaming as we know it.

Gameplay wise, controllers would be included. According to CNBC, new hardware would mean new controllers.

Google is gearing up to revolutionise the gaming industry. Source:

First impressions of Google Stream have been mixed. Lag times have been the clearest point of complaints. When streaming games, this is to be expected. This could be the biggest downfall of game streaming, so far.

But all is set to be revealed on March 19th. Stay tuned for our coverage of news, sure to be revolutionary to the gaming industry.

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