As you might have heard, Google is planning to make their own video game system in the near future (with rumors of it being announced officially at Game Developers Conference 2019, better known as GDC.) Google’s console is said to be very much like Steam, however, it will stream all it’s content, much like Netflix. This hasn’t worked too well in the past for Nintendo, as they tried a streaming service for a few games in Japan for the Nintendo Switch and seemed to have deemed the experiment null – as they haven’t tried it again in some time. A patent document has also supposedly leaked, and if you’re interested in looking into that, you can find a link to it right here. Twitter user, Reps, tweeted out some rather interesting looking pictures of this supposed controller, (though it has not been officially confirmed and may be fan renderings) it does leave little to the imagination. If these rumors are true, we may have our first look at the alleged Google Controller.

Source: Google Patent Page

The controller looks to have a very flat design (a mix between a PS2 and SNES controller, if you ask me) with highlighted ‘Google Themed’ colors on the buttons- which seem to be flat paint – not lights or rubber. If this is the case, than It’s safe to say that those buttons will easily lose their colour with heavy usage. I get the feeling this controller will be slightly uncomfortable – for years we slowly started making controllers more and more comfortable and I think, with both the Xbox One and PS4, we’ve nailed it. They fit snuggly into your hands and have easy travel for your fingers to reach buttons… this new Google Controller, however, seems to look like it’s a third-party SNES controller from the early 90’s. If this controller is legitimate is hard to say right now, but I guess we’ll all find out if the rumors are true when GDC 2019 occurs on March 19th and 20th.