The Gfinity Elite Series is held at the Hoyts Esports Arena in Sydney's Entertainment Quarter.

The Gfinity Challenger Series provides participants to with an opportunity to transition from casual gaming to professional competition. This is an online competition where registrants compete in Rocket League, Street Fighter V and CS:GO. Registration is simple. Visit Gfinity Challanger Series online and sign up for either the Contender or Competition Cup.

The Contender Cup is an entry level competition for teams and individuals. It is designed to help players hone their skills, network and build their profile withing the regional Esports community. Players are awarded G-Points (ranking points) for their wins.

The Competitor Cup is for more experienced players. Players has earn cash prizes and more G-Points than in the Contender Cup. There are also opportunities for participants to be recruited onto Gfinity Esports teams.

G-Points determine a competitor’s ranking for their chosen game. Both Contender Cup and Competitor Cup competitors feature of the same ranking board, but because more points are awarded for Competitor Cup wins, these players have greater potential to climb the rankings. Each week, Gfinity will cover the top ranking and top moving players for each of the three games.The top moving players will be featured as the Hero of the Week on the Gfinity website. This will boost their profile across the Esports community.

At the end of the Gfinity Challenger Series, the top 20 players from each three games will be put into a professional draft and have the opportunity to join six of Australia’s top Esports franchises. These teams will then compete in the Gfinity Elite Series 3 which is a professional Esports competition. This competition is held at the dedicated Esports Arena at Hoyts Cinemas in Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter. These games are broadcast live and followed by press interview opportunities (read: Gamers Classified would love to speak with you).

Gfinity Esports Australia CEO, Dominic Remond, is proud of what the Gfinity Elite Series accomlished in its first two seasons and is optimistic about Series 3. Remond says “We’re incredibly proud of the Gfinity Elite Series’ first year in Australia. Across two seasons we’ve been able to work with both the established and grassroot esports scenes locally, and help foster the fast-growing Australian communities for three titles. We’re eager to see that growth continue, especially with new talent likely to emerge in 2019’s Challenger Series for season three.”

To register for the Gfinity Challenger Series, please click here. To schedule an interview with Gamers Classified to help boost your Esports profile, please contact us. For a sample of our work at the Gfinity Elite Series, please see the video below featuring members of the Brisbane Deceptors and the Sydney Roar.