Talk about coming back from the dead. DayZ standalone is shambling its way onto Xbox One via Xbox Game Preview on August 29.

Similar to the zombies found in DayZ, the title has come back from the dead and it’s thanks to Gamescom 2018. Day Z will be launching as a Game Preview on Xbox One in the next few days, with the PlayStation 4 version still planned for release. Though, no time frame has been announced.

Initially announced at Gamescom 2014, Bohemia Interactive revealed that a console port of Day Z would be releasing on the PlayStation 4, but no official release date was ever disclosed. Fast forward to E3 2015, Microsoft also revealed that a console version of DayZ would be coming to the Xbox One. After these initial announcements, information slowed down to a zombie-like walk.

The DayZ mod for Arma II made a monumental impact on the video game industry upon its release in 2012. The mod was an open-world survival game set during a zombie apocalypse. I know, this sounds like the hundreds of other titles of the same genre, but this was 2012. The survival genre hadn’t peaked yet.

Four months after, the mod reached one million players. Due to the success of the title, the developers decided to release the game as a standalone game via Steam Early Access in 2013. Similar to the success of the mod, DayZ standalone garnered financial success and fans were excited to see where this title would go now it wasn’t connected to Arma II. Five years later, the standalone game is still in Alpha and though the developers stated their goal was for DayZ leave early access by 2018, it’s looking very unlikely. This is probably why the game is not fully releasing on Xbox One but as part of Game Preview.

Considering the survival genre has come and gone, the success DayZ on consoles is no longer guaranteed. There aren’t many titles such as DayZ available on consoles, so Bohemia Interactive may be tapping into a market desperate for some sweet, sweet, survival.

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