At Gamescom 2018, CD Projekt Red has unveiled new screenshots and details about the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. The screenshots were similar to those already released, revealing more of the cyberpunk world. CD Projekt Red are still hiding the game behind closed doors, with no gameplay footage revealed publicly. However, the developers are speaking more and more candidly about what has already been revealed. In an interview with IGN, Associate Design Director Kyle Rowley explained the significance of the screenshots along with some other elements about the game. He states that screenshots and concept art were used both internally, at CD Projekt Red, and externally, for fans and media, to establish a firm basis for what the Cyberpunk genre and their game was.

“We use the artists and the lore to help ground us so the mechanics don’t feel too over the top,” said Rowley. “They can still feel believable.”

Night City. Source: CD Projekt Red

As a result, each artwork is a small window into Cyberpunk 2077. The size and scope of Night City, where the game takes place, is on full display as screenshots and artworks details the crowded, grimy and dark cyberpunk city. Rowley discusses in the IGN interview that their goal was to take The Witcher 3’s Novigrad and scale it up. As such each NPC is incredibly detailed, from cab drivers to street performers. Each NPC has their own pathways and routines, to the point where players can literally follow them through the game’s Day/Night cycle.

A Combat Cab. Source: CD Projekt Red

Rowley confirmed that there will be a weather system in place, similar to the Witcher 3’s. He also discussed cybernetics and that they aren’t a gimmick name for upgrades but instead an integral part of the narrative and world. While they can enhance the player’s abilities, they are also cosmetic and cultural upgrades for other characters, such as the Chrome Lady celebrity’s metallic skin.

Cybernetic enhancements are integrated into society. Source: CD Projekt Red

One of the concept arts that Rowley discusses is in regards to Netrunners, who are effectively the top tier hackers and network specialists in this world. He revealed that like the person in the image, the player can become a Netrunner.

A Netrunner. Source: CD Projekt Red

The closest thing Rowley compares Netrunner, Solo, who are mercenaries, bodyguards and combat specialists, and techies, who are the crafters and upgraders in this world, and the player’s ability to become them, is to compare them to classes. However, these are not linear or strict ‘classes’, but rather a “completely fluid class system” that relies on narrative and character pathways the player can focus on and develop. Similar to the combat, magic and alchemy pathways in the Witcher, the player can mix between them to have a multifaceted build.

Gameplay from a first person perspective. Source: CD Projekt Red

Yesterday, CD Projekt Red opened their behind-closed-doors Gamescom demo to attendees. This is a modified version of the E3 demo, which Gamers Classified covered in June, with a different mission pathway. For any new details regarding Cyberpunk 2077, stay tuned.

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