If you happen to be a massive tabletop board gamer, chances are you may have heard or played Call of Cthulhu on the physical board. Now that there is a gameplay trailer for the video game counterpart, we are given some insight on how this game may play out.

Call of Cthulhu is a mystery game where you play Edward Pierce who is a war veteran and a private investigator with his own set of problems and issues he struggles to tackle. The main quest or story is that Edward must find the truth about the end of the Hawkins family that perished in their estate due to an inferno.

Source: Focus Home Interactive

As the name suggests, expect some Lovecraftian themes with some horror and a huge emphasis on mystery. It is up to you to employ the skills or tactics you want to use to find out and solve everything that surrounds the estate and its denizens.

The gameplay trailer revealed a number of mechanics that would be used in the game. Edward (you) can interact with other NPCs by use of subterfuge, intimidation or other mind games that can be improved throughout the game. Some characters would be resistant to some tactics while also being vulnerable to others.

Source: Focus Home Interactive

Edward will also be investigating and reconstructing areas for clues to what happened to the Hawkins family. However, the devs warned that just finding all the clues isn’t necessarily a good thing. While finding clues may unlock future conversation paths or secrets, it could also come at a very steep cost that would affect the player as the game goes on.

These mechanics do provide some semblance of replayability as to ‘what if you didn’t pick up this clue?’ or ‘what if I were more diplomatic instead of aggressive in my interactions?’. These could specify what kind of ending may occur in the end. This brings in a lot of the psychological aspect to the game and may force you to question whether what you see is really the truth or just a figment of your degrading imagination.

Source: Focus Home Interactive

Are you interested to find out the mysteries behind what lies in the Hawkins fate? How would you face the obstacles and solve the mysteries? The game will be available on October 30th.

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