The first teaser of Fortnite Season 6 has been revealed with EpicGames tweeting a subtle hint towards the upcoming season of the Battle Royale gaming phenomenon. With fans and loyal gamers eagerly waiting the launch on September 27th, what does the small teaser from EpicGames tell us about the upcoming unveiling of Fortnite’s sixth season?

The teaser shows a purple llama with an electric, DJ-theme, accompanied with a short statement from EpicGames saying “All great parties need a DJ”. This short and cryptic teaser has left fans with a mix of theories about what this teaser will mean for the upcoming season.

The iconography of the “DJ Llama” in this teaser has given many fans the impression that this will become a new skin. With the strange dancing phenomenon that has sparked from the animations in Fortnite, the hint towards a possible “DJ” theme has sparked excitement – and confusion – from the gaming community.

However, this teaser has also caused great speculation regarding the mysterious cube that has puzzled Fortnite players for weeks. With the cube having moved across the map, it eventually settled and melted in Loot Lake, leaving it as a large, bouncy area of the map.

Fortnite Cube. Source:

A mix of fan-theories have suggested what the mystery of the Fortnite Cube means for Season 6, but with it subtly hidden in the reveal picture provided above by Epic Games, it is clear that the Cube will have some resurgence in the upcoming season.

The hint given by EpicGames that “All great parties need a DJ” has left fans wondering whether the theme of Season 6 is going to come down to a party theme, while others suggest that the stylised image of the DJ Llama is hinting towards Season 6 of Fortnite gearing towards a futuristic theme.

Some fans have pointed to the dancing phenomenon that went viral this year, sparking from the Fortnite dance animations, suggesting that the theme may be in relation to the dance hype surrounding Fortnite. However, with Battle Royale nearing the one-year anniversary of its release, the theme may also relate to a celebration of the games massive success.

Upcoming theme teaser of Season 6. Source:

With the small teaser leaving so many fan theories to spark, one thing that most fans agree on is that the DJ Llama shown in the reveal picture is likely to be one of the first skins that players will see from Season 6. This will either appear as a skin available for purchase or, some fans have suggested, as a Battle Pass reward.

With EpicGames often dropping subtle hints and teasers towards upcoming launches as the date nears, fans can expect to see more teasers be revealed in the coming days as they countdown the launch of Season 6.

As EpicGames tweeted on Friday: “Season 6 is now dropping from the Battle Bus on September 27”.

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