Fortnite Patch v3 released as game enters Season 3


Epic Games has released patch v3.0 for Fortnite to mark the start of Season 3. The popular game had a rocky start but the introduction of the Battle Royal mode has changed everything. The new patch adds content for both the free-to-play Battle Royal mode and the paid “Save the World” campaign. The biggest improvement Epic Games has brought with Season 3 is unlocking the game to 60FPS on consoles. This season’s Battle Pass brings even more tiers and cosmetic items for players to unlock. Epic Games released a trailer detailing some of the new items available in Season 3. The full patch notes can be found on Epic’s website, but here’s a rundown of the important parts.


Epic have made some changes across the board to improve the player’s experience. The biggest addition is the essential increased framerate for consoles, making aiming and shooting smooth and crisp. The team has also made major improvements to building, adding “Turbo Building” and “Auto Material Change Options”. Players can now build anywhere, even through trees, rocks and cars, allowing for more freedom when building. Another new feature can be found in the Accessibility tab under options, where Epic have added in-depth colour-blind options. Marco Beltrami and Pinar Toprak have composed a new hour long score for “Save the World”, which features in the Battle Royal Login, Launch, and Lobby menus. Epic Games have also added, for both game modes, the devastating new Handcannon, which has Epic and Legendary rarity. Patch v3.0 also includes many bug fixes and performance optimisations.

Battle Royal

The insanely popular Battle Royal mode has mostly stayed the same but with new items added in the Battle Pass. On top of the added Handcannon, many weapon and item issues have been fixed. The Pump Shotgun exploit, in which switching weapons removes the pump animation, has been removed. Epic have increased the drop rate of uncommon and rare Pistols, lowered Suppressed Pistol rates, and removed Crit from Grenades. There have been some changed to the UI, including a “Streamer Mode”, which anonymises names that aren’t squad members. In the Lobby, players have more information, can use emotes and will automatically have the same outfit in-game. While there are known issues listed, Epic aim to continue support throughout Season 3.

Save the World

The first thing “Save the World” players will notice is the new Hoverboard. Taking 3 seconds to summon, the Hoverboard allows players to fly around the map without using energy. It can be unlocked after completing Stonewood Homebase Storm Shield Defense 5 in the tutorial. The weekly store is now equipped with the strongest handcannon in the game, the Bald Eagle Handcannon. Epic have added the “Spring It On!” event chapter, including new “Luck Explosion” unlockables to celebrate the Lunar New Year. They have also made changes to BluGlo Difficulty Pylons, including cost changes and limiting use. Epic have increased the Wood, Stone and Metal harvesting rates by approximately 10-20%. There have been changes to the heroes as well. Valentines Ninja Snuggle Specialist Sarah is now available in the event store as well as new Legendary versions of the Lunar New Years heroes. Most importantly, the base movement speed has been unified for all heroes, increasing the importance of the Ninja’s Shinobi perk.

Patch v3.0 is now live for all platforms, including the Season 3 Battle Pass. With Battle Royal remaining free-to-play, expect the cartoonish arcade fun of Fortnite to continue to expand and grow. For the full patch notes, visit Epic Games’ website.