UK-Based Fortnite Festival Leaves Demands for Refunds 

A festival in the United Kingdom based on the hugely successful Battle-Royale Game, Fortnite, has given the gaming world it’s very own Fyre-Fest catastrophe.

Fortnite Live was set up to feature an array of attraction for fans. Designed to somewhat recreate the experience of Fortnite in the real world, fans were less than impressed with what their tickets got them.

The advertised attractions delivered nothing more than impracticalities. With archery for four at a time, a climbing wall for three and only four go-karts, the fairground was an incredible disappointment.

The picture above, provided by an attendee, was advertised to the ‘cave experience’. Bare investigation into this shows nothing more than a truck covered in tarpaulin.

In defence of the mess that was Fortnite Live, in the inside area there were opportunities to play Fortnite with other fans. However, this could not make up for the tremendous setbacks and issues caused by short-staffing and a lack of entertainment.

But all of this disappointment only came after incredibly waiting time in queues. Attendees reported queueing for hours to collect their wristbands for the two-day event. With a twelve pound cost for regular admittance and 20 pounds for unlimited access, fans were eager to get their money back when they saw what waited for them in Norfolk Showgrounds in Norwich.

Check out a tweet to show the internet the Fortnite Live experience below:

It is worth noting that the creators of Fortnite, Epic Games, had no involvement in the event. Seeking to distance themselves from the event. An Epic Games spokesperson came forward to say: “We did not authorise and are not associated with this event.”. By the sounds of the “shambolic” event, it’s hard to blame Epic Games for denying involvement.

Families and attendees took to the Facebook event to express their anger at the event and demand refunds. One parent described it as an “absolute disgrace”. However the page has now been taken down to avoid further complaints and angry reviews to the organisers.

Every year there is bound to one festival that turns to failure. Even with a strong community of Fortnite fans, the poor planning could not have saved the mess that Fortnite Live became.

Exciting Events, the organisers of Fortnite Live, have assured people that refunds will be handed out to those who attended. Although even with refunds, this is sure to be a Fortnite Flop we won’t forget any time soon.


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