• Contest for Fortnite has been announced involving emotes
  • Those who are interested can submit a video of their dance
  • The submissions will be considered by Epic Games, with the best dance to become an emote in Fortnite.

Epic Games announced on March 30th that they will be running a contest for popular Cooperative and Battle-Royal game Fortnite, in which players will be able to submit videos of themselves dancing for the consideration of Epic Games.

The winning contest entry will have their dance immortalized within Fortnite by having it added as an emote in game – they will also be given a real life Boogie Bomb, made by the Ray Gun Project.

Entries will be judged on three different criteria, according to a press release issued by Double Jump.

  • Does the dance fit the Playful Personality of Fortnite?
  • Is the Dance Original?
  • How Unique and Imaginative is the Dance?

The top 100 entries will receive exclusive Boogie-themed in game items (Pictured Above) and will be given in-game VBucks. Distribution of VBucks is shown below.

Top 10 Entrees will receive… 10,000 VBucks
Top 30 Entrees will receive… 6,000 VBucks
Top 70 Entrees will receive… 2,500 VBucks
Top 100 Entrees will receive… 1,000 VBucks


Interested Contestants can submit their entrees by posting them to Fortnite’s Social Media pages.

The event will run until April 10th.