• Fortnite 4.2 Has brought Jetpacks into the game.
  • The Jetpacks will be available for a limited time.
  • A new mode, ‘Solid Gold V2’, is also available with 4.2

Fortnite’s 4.2 Update will be rolling out with Jetpacks, but only for a limited time, according to the Patch Notes, which you can read here.

What’s crazy about the addition of Jetpacks is that they bring with them a new item slot, which could change the gameplay drastically.

“Jetpacks are part of a brand new item type that coming to Battle Royale called Backpacks. Not to be confused with Back Bling, Backpacks are strictly gameplay items and cannot be purchased as cosmetics. Backpacks will fill an inventory slot, just like a weapon or consumable and have a variety of uses”.

The Jetpack will be considered a Legendary Rarity, and can be found in treasure chests.

The patch notes also refer to Jetpacks as a limited time item – whether they’re referring to an in-game dynamic or a time constraint on unlocking the Jetpacks is unclear at this time.

Also coming with 4.2 will be the limited time mode, Solid Gold V2.

Image via Epic Games

Solid Gold V2 will be a limited time mode, where all the weapons are legendary, and the drop rates of rarer, more powerful weapons are amped way up.

Another limited time mode, Close Encounters, will be coming with 4.2, featuring Shotguns and Jetpacks in a Close-Quarters-Combat situation.


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