Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fanfest Shows off Dancer Class, Hrothgar Race and New Areas

With the next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV set to be released in just a few months, some new details have emerged from the game’s Tokyo Fan Festival being held this weekend.

As the last festival before the game’s release, Director Naoki Yoshida stood in front of a crowd of eager fans on Saturday to make a few interesting reveals which included dancing Viera, lion men and where players will be going in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

Similar to the previous Fan Festivals in Las Vegas and Paris, the Shadowbringers trailer introduced the Keynote Address, showing off a few extra scenes to fill us in on what’s to come.

This time around we were shown the land of Norvrandt, on of the last safe areas in The First, with two new cities coming in Shadowbringers: The Crystarium and Eulmore.

A sanctuary and last bastion against the threat of the Light, The Crystarium will be the Central Hub for players during the Shadowbringers expansion. Players will be able to explore the domed buildings and high structures of what will be the biggest city in Patch 5.0.

In the latest trailer we also see Thancred and Minfillia run through the lower levels of the city of Eulmore. As announced by Yoshi-P, Eulmore is a city where the rich gather and spend the rest of their days in this dying world.

Eulmore Fat Cats in Final Fantasy XIV
(Source: Twitch)

Living in opulence, these “fat cats” know they don’t have long left on this world. But at the base of the city, refugees live outside as only a few are chosen to live inside this city of decadence.

Dancer Finally Confirmed

Twirling to a crowd of onlookers, we see a Viera clad in red and the first thought that probably comes to mind is: Dancer! Thankfully, we can finally confirm that dancer will be the final playable class for Shadowbringers. Slotted into the DPS role, Dancer combines ranged weapon attacks and a combination of dances that can execute abilities and buff allied party members. Like the recently introduced Gunbreaker class, Dancer will likely be available at Level 60 and will be available through the Shadowbringers expansion.

Dwarves Who Are Really Lalafells?

As experts in the areas of mining and metallugy, the Dwarves will join the Pixies as the next Beast Tribe in Final Fantasy XIV. Normally not seen without their helmets, Yoshi-P explained that the dwarves in the Shadowbringers world resemble the Lalafells that players will know well. He also added that, in this new area, races will also be named differently. A full list of the name changes can be found below:

New Names
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Eden – Next High End Raid in Final Fantasy XIV

It was announced today that the next high end raid for Final Fantasy XIV will be called ‘Eden’. This time around the endgame raid will feature work from guest creator Testuya Nomura, who most may know for his work on the Kingdom Hearts and several other popular titles in the Final Fantasy franchise. We were given a look at one of the characters Nomura has designed for the raid and she definitely gives of Nomura vibes — she may need a few more belts though.

(Source: Twitch)

“Kimahri Likes This?”

Last but not least, Yoshi-P finished off with an announcement that had some players rejoicing and others quite disappointed. During Paris Fan Fest, the bunny eared Viera were announced as the next and last playable race to come to Final Fantasy XIV. The female version of the Viera were the first to be shown off and since then fans have been eager to see the male counterparts. However, at today’s event it was confirmed that a male-only race would be introduced called the ‘Hrothgar’ and that the Viera would remain female-only. As a new race, the Hrothgar sport the feline features and horn of the Ronso from Final Fantasy X.

Hrothgar and Viera
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This decision was met with some anger and disappointment from Final Fantasy XIV fans on social media with many looking forward to finally seeing the male Viera and others also disappointed that both the Hrothgar and the Viera were announced as gender locked races.

Nonetheless, we may see the female version of these races at some point in the future and it seems like a few fans are holding onto that hope.

To learn more about the new features coming to Shadowbringers or to catch up on what’s been happening at this weekend’s Tokyo Fan Fest, make sure to head over to the official FFXIV Twitch channel or follow FFXIV on Twitter.

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