Far Cry New Dawn to Invigorate the Series

If the Far Cry series is known for something, it’s the charismatic antagonists that bring life and humour to the game. Most notably, Vaas and Pagan Min of the third and fourth instalment respectively, are the most famed of these anti-hero antagonists. Now the upcoming standalone sequel to Far Cry 5 bring female antagonists to the forefront.

Far Cry New Dawn is a sequel to Far Cry 5 and takes place 17 years after the explosive end to Far Cry 5. Hope County is transformed into a post-apocalyptic wilderness where nuclear damage has turned to the country into a vibrant scenery. Consider it some kind of Fallout-Far Cry crossover in a rich neon theme.

While the idea of this is interesting in itself, and offers a fresh new version of the Far Cry formula, it is the female antagonists that are the newest addition to the series.

New Dawns twins bring feminine twist to far cry. Source: Syfy.com

Mickey and Lou are the twins behind the Highwaymen, the unruly group reigning terror in what’s left of Hope County. The director the game said that players will “love to hate” these troublesome twins.

In more good news, there will be some familiar faces to be seen in Far Cry New Dawn. Kim Rye, her daughter, Grace Armstrong and Pastor Jerome all survived the nuclear blast. Thanks to the epidemic of bunkers we saw in Far Cry 5, players will have plenty of characters on their side.

Check out the trailer that recently dropped below to get your peek at some of the excitement to come.

If you’re keen to get your hands on some of this neon, post-apocalyptic action, good news is in store as the release date of this standalone sequel is not far away. Mark your calendars, because this is set to drop on February 15th.

If this news shows us anything, it’s that New Dawn is set to liven up the series and give us more hours of that classic Far Cry fun.


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