It’s been six months since Far Cry 5’s launch and with a bit of celebration, the dev team dropped in a few presents for this FPS game. With some anticipated assets and some interesting infographics, let’s take a look at what’s in store.

The dev team has dished out some extra tools and assets for Far Cry 5 players who wish to design their own levels. Blood Dragon Maps, Omega troopers and a number of objects from Far Cry 3 can now be used for future development made by players. If you have any plans on making some extra levels or challenges, be sure to take a look at what the updates have to offer.

Source: Ubisoft

The bulk of the update mentions two maps which are the Passage Map and the Blood Dragon Arena, suitable for challenges and deathmatches respectively. It will feature a number of elements from futuristic looks and the cool thing about them are that all of this is free so that any player can have access to these goodies.

Finally, Ubisoft released some interesting data in regards to what players did in Far Cry 5. Some of those data include which animals killed players the most with turkeys getting an honourable mention of the killing of 100 thousand players globally, Boomer as one of the top dogs (pun not intended) for Fang for hire and over 53 million shovel kills along with the fact that it is the 9th most popular weapon in Far Cry 5.

That’s the roundup of the amazing 6 months Far Cry 5 had as it certainly has been one of the stronger contenders as a video game this year. Are you excited for some of the new freebie updates that had arrived? What are some of your most memorable or favourite moments in Far Cry5?

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