Fallout The Frontier 2018 Last Vegas
  • Fallout: New Vegas Megamod, “The Frontier”, just dropped a new trailer
  • The team is currently pushing for an End of 2018 release
  • The mod is said to be an unnofficial “Super DLC” in size

I love modding so much, and megamods are just one of my favourite things. So when any news comes out about one of my favourite games getting a new trailer for a megamod, I’m there.

Here’s the trailer.

The frontier has been in development for quite some time – like all megamods, these things take a while to make perfect.

Here’s a rundown on the narrative, taken from the mod’s website.

“The NCR is ready to crumble under the Legion’s onslaught. Some realize drastic measures must be taken to ensure their survival”.

The team has a lengthy FAQ page on the official website, where they announce a few points about the game.

The team’s gunning for a late 2018 release date, similar to the release date for Fallout: New California, another megamod coming later this year.

The setting is also incredibly interesting – take a read.

“Portland, Oregon was chosen for many reasons. I know some of you from Oregon may say, there is no way in hell that Portland gets this much snow and some location in Canada may fit better with the Frontier. While this is true, keep in mind that it would have been even harder to fit the NCR and the Legion that far up north with a reasonable explanation. Right now, the reason for a lot of snow in Portland is, when the nukes hit this location, a cloud of dust and ash went up and blocked the sun. So everything under, essentially froze over.”

They’ve also got this cool graphic on production progress, check this out.

We can’t wait for the release, said to be late 2018.