• Fallout New Vegas Mod, Fallout: New California, has announced its official release in October
  • The Mod will bring an almost feature-length and quality experience
  • The Mod has been in development for years

The Community-Made mod, Fallout: New California, will be getting released in October this year, following the release of a trailer onto YouTube.

Formerly known as Project Brazil, Fallout: New Vegas Megamod, Fallout: New California, is set to be completed by October, with details on the Mod:DB page.

I did an article about Mega-Mods for Fallout 4 a while back, but make no mistake, I’m so keen for the Mega-Mods New Vegas is getting, especially New California.

The announcement also comes shortly after Fallout: 76 got its hayday.

Here’s the official trailer that was coupled to the announcement.

October 23, 2018.

All that content, community made, free for PC owners of Fallout: New Vegas – I’m so excited, and if you love narrative games, and if you love those made by Bethesda, you need keep your eye on this megamod.

Modding has been a massive part of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games for some time now, and this is a fully fleshed out Megamod for New Vegas with 12 Endings and functions as a prequel to the game. That’s exciting.

If you’re planning on modding New California into your game, here’s a recommended mods list provided by the developers, RadianHelixMedia. I love it when Modders have my back.

They’ve been working on this mod for 5 years – coming with the mod is an array of modder-created textures, weapons, environments, narratives and voice acting. What isn’t to love?

Eagerly awaiting what is delivered.