• Fallout Miami team reveals teaser trailer for the upcoming Megamod
  • The Mod covers the sole survivors ‘next big adventure’ to Miami
  • An Official Trailer will be coming soon

The independent modding team behind Fallout Miami, an upcoming Megamod for Fallout 4, has released a teaser trailer for the mod.

The mod boasts a New world map within a new location, with accompanying quests, story, locations, weapons and enemies.

Miami is a part of the Fallout universe we haven’t seen yet which makes this mod all the more exciting. It’s even more exciting when members of the community are behind the scenes of the creation – Fallout has always had a crazy amount of fan dedication.

The mod has been in development for a year now – last year I had the opportunity to speak with K. Constantine, the writing lead for the mod, who boasted that the key concepts of the mod were ‘safety and freedom’ and the implications of both terms conveyed through a unique setting with a narrative and factions.

It’s been a while since we had that interview, and from the looks of it the mod has come a long way. We can see in this teaser trailer that the world of Fallout Miami is starting to take shape, more so than when the only footage the mod had to show was test footage of the World Build.

The world we’re being shown in Fallout Miami seems to diverge onto its own path of creativity, being bright, colourful, but also, Fallout.

Much is still yet to be shown from the team behind Fallout Miami, but their community engagement seems to be on point. Here’s a link to their Discord.

Megamods like these take a lot of time and elbow-grease, but I can’t wait to see more from the Fallout Miami Team.

A release date is yet to be announced.

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