This morning, a brand new independent game showcase, highlighting games coming to Nintendo Platforms, lovingly referred to as Nintendo Nindies was released – promoting the release of a few hit games. I’ll take you through everything announced with a brief summary of each title.

They started the presentation off with a bang by opening with a retro styled advertisement on how to properly use cups with it all to end in a splash screen for Cuphead, a hard-as-nails bullet hell platformer that was originally exclusive to Xbox One. It seems the rumors were true, and Microsoft are teaming up with Nintendo in some form. (Either that, or Cuphead’s exclusivity contract expired.) Cuphead: Deal with the Devil for Switch is set to release April 18th, 2019 – with word of a physical release also being thrown around.

A group of friends go on a journey from a seemingly desolate land, doing what they can to survive along the way. Overland is a squad based, turn based strategy game oozing with style. It features randomly generated maps and characters to encounter, making each journey that more exciting. Overland is set to hit the eShop in Fall (US Time.)

Following the guidance of Pedro, the banana, parkour your way while taking out enemies – Swinging, leaping and slowing down time. My Friend Pedro is a Nintendo Switch console exclusive (available on Steam right now) and comes to the Switch this June.

You basically take the role as an UberDriver in the future, as you – the last human left, try to track down your old friend, Savy. Meet a diverse set of customers that all have stories to tell as you pick your own customers and refuse others to make ends meet along the way. Neo Cab is set to release this Summer (US Time.)

The new project from Timberline Studios, The Red Lantern follows the story of a musher, down on her luck who decides to move to Alaska and race in the Iditarod Dog Sled Race with the hopes of finishing the race and feeling that sense of achievement. The Red Lantern is a rouge-like, story focused third person sledding simulator- wow, what a mouthful. It will feature gyro controls in handheld mode for that fully immersive experience. The Red Lantern is planned to release later in 2019.

Darkwood is a survival horror game that let’s you craft weapons, make traps and build forts. As with most games in this generation, your path through the forest is randomly generated, making each playthrough a new experience. Darkwood is planned to release in May of 2019.

In Katana Zero, you play as an assassin; codename, Dragon, as you make your way through levels taking out everyone in your path. In this game, you’ll have a choice to either tread carefully or go in guns-blazing, just be weary- since you can only take one hit. Once hit, you will auto spawn at the beginning of the level almost instantly to give it that ‘one more try’. Katana Zero is set for a release on April 18th, 2019.

Double Fine, of Psychonauts fame, is back with a new project, RAD – An overhead beat-em-up where you fight deadly creatures and then mutate into one yourself, to deal even more hard hitting damage. With a stylized look and that Double Fine polish, this is sure to be one for everyone’s Switch Collection. RAD comes out in the Summertime of 2019 (US Time.)

If an ‘Action Adventure Pinball Game‘ then Creature in the Well might be for you! Creature in the Well takes place in a desolate desert, which the creature has cursed to make an enteral sandstorm – which, naturally is your job to sort out through eight challenging dungeons. With over fifteen weapons to use and test out, can you restore the weather machine and save your town before it’s forgotten forever? Creature in the Well is set to release in the Summertime (US Time.)

Bloodroots is a fast paced top down action adventure game that puts you in the shoes of Mr. Wolf. Mr. Wolf can use his environment to maneuver and explore like many have struggled before. Using the wolf on his head, he’s surely a force not to mess with as you brawl your way to your goal. Bloodroots has a predicted release date of Summer, 2019 (US Time.)

Pine is a primal fantasy role playing game. If you love open worlds and the location of luscious forests, filled to the brim with foes to weave around and take down, then this adventure might be for you. The world around you will adapt to how you play, making your playthrough a little bit more involved than usual games. Pine is set for release in this August, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Vlambeer Arcade is a collection of bite-sized arcade style games which include Super Crate Box, Nuclear Throne and a never before released game, Ultra Bugs – some with exclude Switch exclusive features such as multiplayer for even more arcade feeling fun. Valmbeer Arcade is planned to release sometime in 2019.

SwimSanity! is an underwater shoot-em-up with up to one to four players in either co-op or versus mode over five worlds. With eight solo game modes and over five verses modes also included, local and online, this is sure to be a place to retreat under the sea for some classic shoot-em-up action. SwimSanity! is planned to splash into the eShop over the Summer (US Time.)

Inti Creates and Sunsoft are back, with another promising classic. Blaster Master is back, with it’s side scrolling shooter and top down exploration levels! Re-live the classic with new levels, new abilities and new ways to play. Blaster Master Zero II is available to purchase right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Stranger Things 3 is an action beat em up which follows the storyline of Season 03. With twelve playable characters and local co-op, brawl your way through the retro styled levels to uncover the new mystery that sounds the town of Hawkins. Stranger Things 3: The Game is available to purchase on the same day the series drops on Netflix, July 4th, 2019.

What a shock this one was – much like Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, CoftN: Cadence of Hyrule combines the Crypt of the Necrodancer themes and enemies with those from the Legend of Zelda series, even going as far to include Zelda and Link as playable characters. This rhythm action rouge-like dungeon crawler is a hidden gem for most, forcing you to keep time, dodge and attack to the beat of the song. It’s not for those who like to rush in – plan ahead, learn the songs and defeat everyone in style as you jam to old songs and new. Crypt of the Necrodancer: Cadence of Hyrule is available Spring of 2019 (US Time.)


…and with that, the Nintendo Nindies Showcase 2019 ends, with one last sendoff being a sale on a wide range of indie games starting right now. What a journey that was looking through the best upcoming games the Switch has to offer. Be sure to follow your favorites and check back upon release for more news Nintendo.