Fan Art by Evan Liu

If you’re reading this, I assume you have heard about the ‘leaks’ that made their rounds on Reddit and other sites OR just know that Ubisoft has confirmed a new AC game is on its way and set to revealed at E3 this year. As for those of you that don’t know, and just saw the title and was initially intrigued by more Assassin Creed news; to keep it short, a few months ago one of your friendly neighborhood Reddit users has ever so kindly left a comment in an Assassin’s Creed thread with pictures from the new Assassin’S Creed: Origin.

So obviously a lot of people didn’t really believe because it’s pretty much the same description of the same leaked gameplay from last year (even though you can tell from the Assassin’s outfit and a hella blurry logo). Then this was added to the thread:

The company I work for is involved with making pre-order cards for a couple of different department stores and a few weeks ago there was a new order for Far Cry 5. There was also one for Assassin’s Creed: Origins. I saw some of the tentative artwork for the later a few days ago and it’s the Egypt game that has been rumored to be called Empire.

Then someone’s curiosity got the better of them and they had to inbox the user, and this is what they got:

I didn’t get to look at it for long but it was art for a reservation card for a US retailer. The game is called Assassin’s Creed Origins and looks very much like it’s set in Egypt. The artwork had a city with a pyramid in the background. In the centre of the card there is the new assassin walking toward the city. It looked like he was carrying a shield, a bow, and he had a hawk of some sort on his shoulder. Last bit of note is the reservation is for the Gold edition of the game which has the base game, the season pass and comes in a steelbook packaging. No idea what the price will be. This isn’t the first time that I’ve found out about a game thanks to my work and in past experiences, the game is usually announced before our printer ships the cards, or shortly after. I believe these are scheduled to ship on the 30th so the official announcement should come by then.

And from then on more information keeps getting revealed, there is going to be both a male AND female protagonist and supposedly you will be able to explore as far as Greece. There won’t be any more towers, you have the choice of keeping your hood up or down, and sticking to the rumour mills.. there will be a return of the hidden blade.

Fan Art by Evan Liu

Don’t forget, all will be confirmed and announced at E3. Let’s be honest, the name Origins itself makes you pretty excited right? I mean, it must show us the origins of something whether that be the Assassins or even Templars. I’m a bit of a history buff, and I love Egypt, so my mind is racing with all the possibilities there could be! For instance:

  • One possibility is the game being set in Julius’ rule, because don’t forget Brutus got his armour in Brotherhood, and they were both friend and allies linking them together.
  • Which brings me onto my next point, Amunet who assassinated Cleopatra, an Egyptian assassin!
  • Could Moses could be included? He was mentioned in the AC lore parting the Red Sea with the Staff of Eden. Founder of the Templars maybe? Could Ramses II have started the Assassins?

All the possibilities! Rumor or not you won’t know until the release, unless you work for Ubisoft. I guess all that we can really do is hope that the game will be everything we hope it to be. I have a lot of faith in them already.

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