Great news for Aussie Esport fans! Australia’s first esports bar will be opening its doors next month in Melbourne. Fittingly named, GG EZ is said to hold a late-night license so that it can host all major esports events according to

Hearthstone News

More cards have been revealed for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, in a live stream with popular streamer Day9 and designer Matt Place. The most notable card announced was the Mage Death Knight card, Frost Lich Jaina. They also announced two other legendary cards, one for the Shaman class and the other neutral (both cards can be seen below).

Hearthstone Results

DrJikininki has taken the top spot at Dreamhack Atlanta. By defeating Noblord 3-2 in the grand final, DrJikininki earned himself $7500 USD and 15 HCT points. You can watch the Dreamhack final below.

Overwatch News

The Overwatch League has guaranteed a minimum contract of $50,000 and benefits for players. According to Blizzard, the players will also receive health insurance, retirement plans and at least 50% of winnings. In addition, Lucioball is rumoured to return to Overwatch soon according to leaked achievements on Xbox One. One more thing… DOOMFIST IS LIVE PEOPLE!

League of Legends News

The Urgot rework has hit the rift and has hit it hard… Maybe that’s just my opinion but I have played against him in a few matches and let me just say that it didn’t end well for me.

League of Legends Results

Topping the ladder in the North American LCS is Immortals on a 12-3 record closely followed by Counter Logic Gaming and Team Solomid both on 10-4. Over in the European LCS we have Fnatic cruising to an almost perfect 9-1 record and just underneath is G2 Esports on 7-3.

IEM Shanghai

The Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai is winding up as of writing this. To check out the intense StarCraft action you can click right here.


After Australia’s amazing performance in the Overwatch World Cup Qualifiers I bet all of you esports fanatics out there are craving some more high-quality Overwatch play. It just so happens that the finals for Overwatch Apex season 3 just finished as I am writing this. Lunatic-Hai took the win over KongDoo Panthera claiming bragging rights and $88,000 USD. You should be able to watch the match on OGNGlobal’s Twitch stream.



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