The Council’s 3rd episode will be released on July 24th. Focus Home Interactive had titled it as ‘Ripples’ for this mystery Victorian game.

Source: The Council Facebook

The game follows Loius de Richet, a Frenchman in search of his missing mother. He arrives at Lord Mortimer’s private island, a place where some of the most influential people of the century. Such figures include George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte and even some high-ranking religious figures as well.

The first two episodes had set the stage for the Council, displaying the many quirks and mysteries players have to solve in order to progress throughout the story. There are multiple branches and several ways to solve it using the acquired skills you obtained throughout the game.

Source: The Council Facebook

The Council, in a sense, let’s you build your character the way you want to play it. Whether you prefer a diplomatic approach or a more intellectual one, each comes with a benefit and cost that influences the story as time goes on.

There might not be any ‘combat’ mechanics, but resource management is still important. Using skills or items at the wrong time could hurt your chances of solving certain things in the game.

Now that the half-way mark of the 5-episode game is about to be released, the game would likely start shaking things up. The decisions the players made on the first two episodes will start to have a greater impact.

Source: The Council Facebook

The game itself, however, had a few issues players brought up such as the voice acting issues. Overall, the game had generally positive reviews but it still had room for improvement.

This game will be out on Xbox, Steam and Playstation, if you are into mysteries and a bit of social wit, The Council is a game that should be on your radar.

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