E3 2018 was immense – a lot of things got announced, some new, some continuing, some returning to series’ with new features.

I remember being so insanely excited for Fallout 4 back in High School that it was one of the only new games that I bought that year – I didn’t like buying new games very much.

And when I played Fallout 4, and fully fleshed out my gameplay experience, I felt cheated. New Vegas was released before it, which is a shining example of an RPG, and then 4 came along – the narrative was narrow, the gameplay was turned into a run of the mill FPS, and the game simply lacked any semblance of RPG elements.

To me, the only redeeming quality of Fallout 4 was its mods and mod support, which we’ve come to expect from TES and the Fallout series. I’ve covered modding extensively, this week I even did an article about Fallout: New Vegas mod “The Frontier” getting a new trailer – but after watching the Todd Howard presentation at E3 this year, I’m deeply worried for modding.

As if that was all of it – this article from PC Gamer worries me more.

It’s an online game this time around, which is cool, but it’s kind of gimmicky, right? That immediately seems like the RPG side to Fallout is cut out, cause you’re not the centre of the universe.

PC Gamer also speculated that NPC’s wouldn’t be a part of 76. That’s hard to hear, first they take our dialogue options, then they take our dialogue.

Although Todd Howard has said mod support would be a part of Fallout: 76, let’s not forget that the Creation Club just rolled around.

What an unfortunate turn of events. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Fallout 76 will release on November 14.

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