Halo: Infinite

The Master Chief is back, baby! Microsoft has revealed the announcement trailer for Halo: Infinite, the sixth entry in the saga of Master Chief.

The trailer itself doesn’t reveal anything in terms of gameplay, or story, but it does reveal something very interesting, which is the location of the game. It’s on a brand new Halo ring. Which, if you finished the legendary campaign of Halo 5: Guardian, a task I couldn’t be bothered to do because of many reasons, wouldn’t be a surprise.

The Halo ring in Halo: Infinite looks very reminiscent of the original ring players explored in Halo: Combat Evolved. There are lots of forest areas, with large green pastures, and what seems to be forerunner buildings in the distance. After the trailer shows the new location, it pans down to some UNSC marines exploring the newly found Halo ring. They let off an orange flare, which catches the attention of the handsome Master Chief. Blue beams of energy begin to launch from the forerunner buildings as Master Chief makes his way to the UNSC soldiers in a Warthog. The trailer wraps up with a panning shot revealing that this game will be taking place on a new Halo ring.

Halo: Infinite will be the third game developed by 343 Industries, whose Halo entries have had a mixed reception from critics and fans alike. Halo 4 was a promising start, but Halo 5: Guardians was seen by many, myself included, as a departure from what made the franchise great. It will be interesting to see whether 343 Industries addresses the criticisms from Halo 5: Guardians in their latest entry into the series.

The announcement trailer looks interesting, but we won’t know about any meaningful changes until a gameplay trailer is released. I for one, hope for a return to form in Halo: Infinite. The world needs Master Chief.