• Dying Light 2 was shown at the Microsoft E3 Conference
  • The Game’s Narrative will be co-lead by Chris Avellone, Industry Veteran
  • The Game will have a lot to do with deciding the fate of the world around you

Happy E3 Everyone!

There’s just a wealth of things to announce throughout this week, from all the industry big names – Microsoft just held its conference, tying in announcements for a wealth of games, including Halo: Destiny, Just Cause 4 and The Division 2, but one announcement in particular had me on the edge of my seat – Dying Light 2.

love Dying Light, it really set itself apart from other Zombies games of the recent decade with its parkour and physicality in combat, but this time around it seems like they’re really honing in on what the first entry really lacked – Story.

And who could they possibly have at the helm for that factor? None other than Chris Avellone.

Avellone is a veteran of the industry, with routes in Fallout 2, New Vegas, Interplay and Obsidian – a wealth of experience. So it’s only natural that you’d have such an icon taking on the narrative in a Zombies Game.

What looks to be really interesting about Dying Light 2 is they way in which the narrative courses. It looks like the player actions will have massive impacts on the world setting – as shown above, decisions seemed to have massive physical and environmental impacts on the playing field.

The Parkour looks as fun as ever too, I can’t wait to see more of it, but it also looks like the developers have been more versatile with the art style. The game is also set long after the first game, so we’re likely to see greater emphasis on the survival aspects and less on the fallout retention.

Happy E3.

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