Highly anticipated sci-fi racing game Distance launches today after entering early-access back in December 2014. The Tron inspired racer now features an extended singleplayer mode, optimised multiplayer and a track creator, integrated into the Steam workshop. To celebrate the official launch of Distance, Steam is offering 20% off, until 25 September. The developers, Refract Studios, also stated that they are completely resetting the leaderboards for version 1.0.

Distance is the spiritual successor to the multi-award winning Nitronic Rush, which Refract developed at the DigiPen Institute of Technology. The fundamental mechanics involve a jump and shift mechanics, that allows players to perform tricks as well as drive along walls and roofs, as well as a boost meter, that also controls flying. The adrenaline fuelled gameplay offer a unique take on the racing genre.

Source: Refract Studios

Another standout feature of Distance is its sci-fi aesthetic. With a dark overtone, crisp neon lights and a creatively futuristic design, the Tron inspired art style is a standout. The adventure mode features a mysterious but simple story. While not particularly detailed, the plot helps players immerse themselves in this unique world. To complement the sci-fi elements, Refract has composed a soundtrack that combines traditional instrumentation with electronic bass music. The soundtrack is both dramatic and fast paced, driving the action forward.

Source: Refract Studios

Version 1.0 comes with a complete list of features. The story mode offers two tales, the Adventure and the Lost to Echoes campaigns. On top of this, there is also the arcade mode, split into Sprint, Stunt and Challenge modes. Players can move through the arcade mode, unlocking over 100 levels. On top of this, solo players can also experiment with the Random Track Generator, which provides endless fun and procedurally generated levels. Distance also has a level editor, allowing players to design their own tracks. This is integrated into the Steam workshop, allowing players to share tracks and play with others. Lastly there is the multiplayer mode, which offers both an online matchmaking system as well as a rare PC split screen mode. Version 1.0 also has complete VR integration, compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Distance is available through Steam for Mac, Linux and Windows. There is no word when the PS4 version will move out of Beta and into v1.0.

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