Good Shepherd Entertainment and independent developer Arachnid Games have launched an update to the 2017 title, Diluvion. Diluvion: Resubmerged has launched for Mac and Windows PC as a major update to their deep-sea exploration and action game that was released last year and will be available on Steam and with a discount of 75% until October 1st.

Diluvion is an action-adventure game set under the sea in a world left frozen due to a devastating flood. Diluvion puts the player in charge of their own submarine in an adventure inspired by the literary adventures of Jules Verne, taking players on a quest under the ocean to search for ancient secrets and salvaging from sunken ships in a visually-dynamic deep-sea world.

Manage your crew and customise your submarine.
Source: Diluvion Launch Trailer

The Resubmerged update has added a collection of new and enthralling features, allowing players to assemble and manage a unique crew, personalise and work to upgrade their submarine and discover civilisations living under the sea. Players will also have to defend their ship as they take on enemies of the deep along with real-time combat of enemy ships.

The Resumberged update also brings new life to the customisation of the submarine and home bases that players will develop in their game, with options to upgrade for armour, ranged attacks, life support and more. The update also fixes and improves many of the exploration features of Diluvion, adding the option for players to save their game anywhere, set waypoints and track quests. Enhanced graphics and visuals have also amplified the playing experience.


Take on enemy ships in Diluvion: Resubmerged. Source: Diluvion Launch Trailer

With the new strategic depth for the looting aspect of the game, players will have the experience to delve under the sea and explore the post-apocalyptic world as players find the remains of humanity buried beneath the sea.

While Resubmerged is a free update for those who already own the game, to get your hands on Diluvion: Resubmerged, be sure to check it out while it is 75% off on both Steam and

Check out the game for yourself in this launch trailer that was released on Friday.


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