Tentatively known as the ‘PlayStation 5’, new details about Sony’s next-gen console have surfaced and the system is likely to pack a pretty big punch.

For years, consoles have seemed to lag behind their PC counterparts. But in an interview from Wired with the PS4’s lead system architect, Mark Cerny, it was revealed that the next-gen PlayStation could potentially change gaming experiences thanks to some key hardware improvements.

But What Hardware?

Well according to Cerny, this next-gen console is going to finally have a solid-state drive. Hooray!

For some gamers, a current-gen console loading screen can run for a few minutes and while some people may use those minutes for a quick bathroom or snack break, a next-gen experience without the long load times sounds good too.

In his interview with Wired, Cerny booted up Spider-Man and compared the fast-travel system on the PS4 to the fast-travel on a next-gen devkit. It showed a PS4 load time of 15 seconds against the next-gen kit’s 0.8 second load time.

The PlayStation 5 is also set to house one of AMD’s APUs, combining the console’s CPU and GPU cores into the once chip — something PC gamers are still waiting on. The PS5’s CPU will work around AMD’s third-generation Ryzen cores and it’s GPU will stem from Raedon’s ‘Navi’ line.

Cerny stated that ray-tracing will be supported on the PS5 thanks to the GPU upgrade. To put it simply, ray-tracing makes video games look more realistic. By working with light and how it travels, ray-tracing allows for shadows and reflections to look more accurate on screen.

And That’s Not All!

According to the interview, the AMD chip will also be supporting 8k resolution — a big step, I know.

However, Cerny also emphasised that the next-gen console will also be focusing on sound. To create a more immersive experience, the AMD chip will include 3D audio and Cerny recommended — for the best experience — use headphones.

All these changes seem to allude to greater support for PlayStation VR and Cerny did confirm that the peripheral system is an important consideration for the company moving forward.

But there is good news for owners of the PlayStation 4: the next console will also support backwards compatibility.

When Can We Expect The PS5?

Unfortunately, we may not be seeing the console for a while. If we look at speculation,we may potentially see this new console late 2020. But at the moment, Sony has not confirmed a release window.

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