Destiny 2 new DLC The Fallen Warmind on its way?

The release date and the name of the second DLC for Destiny 2 has been teased over the weekend.

The first DLC: The Curse of Osiris, was dropped on December 5th of last year. The unfortunate outcomes following that expansion resulted in Destiny dropping off in popularity. However, more DLC can’t hurt and if it brings players back to try out some new content then it’s a win for everyone. The new expansion has had a multitude of leaks surrounding it and when it might grace us with its presence. Leaks from the Microsoft store last year detail what the new expansion could bring:


‘Destiny 2 Expansion II: Gods of Mars sends your Guardian out to investigate a mysterious signal originating from Mars’s Northern Point, a brand new destination with all new story missions and adventures.

Rasputin – the last of the ancient Warminds, has been alerted to a dark threat from beyond the Solar System. He has betrayed humanity and plans to construct a powerful weapon capable of detonating the Traveler itself.

Work alongside Ana Bray, who has emerged from the shadows after being missing for years, and destroy Rasputin before his machinations are realized.’


Release Date

Originally all we knew about the release date for the expansion was that it would be coming in the Spring of 2018. Spring for the Northern Hemisphere, falls during Autumn for us in Australia. We are already halfway through this season with the rest of April and May remaining. With no official announcement on the date as of yet, we can only speculate that it will be coming soon. The French version of Bungie’s website revealed, in a since removed post, that the next step for Destiny’s DLC would be coming on May 8th. Amazon had also listed the expansion on their site, suggesting May 8th to be the release date as well.

Destiny 2 expansions and estimated releases
Destiny 2 expansions and estimated releases. Source: Twitter

Name Change

Speculation about the name of the second expansion had long been thought to be ‘Gods of Mars’. Earlier leaks shown above, depict this as the title of the new DLC. That has now been turned on its head with both Amazon and Gamestop listing the second expansion under the title ‘The Fallen Warmind’.

To add to this, Bungie game director, Christopher Barrett tweeted:


‘[] AURORA RETROFLEX initiated / …’


It may just look like gibberish but it is a phrase that appears in the Grimorie cards. YouTuber ‘My name is Byf seems to have cracked the code in a helpful tweet.

The card ‘Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 6’ has some interesting lines that are helpful in figuring out this clue.


‘Query: Re-engage population protection objectives. (N) Query: Reset moral structures. (N) Query: Activate defense subroutine AURORA RETROFLEX. (Y)


SITE 6 has been breached by unauthorized users with [O] energy. I am invoking PALISADE IMPERATIVE. [O] lifeforms in restricted areas will be suppressed.

SIVA use authorized. Self-destructs disengaged. Security codes reset. All defenses activated. Frames activated.



This refers to the unleashing of SIVA on the Iron Lords back in the first Destiny. Responsible for this was Rasputin, the last known living Warmind. As he is mentioned in the leaks above of the story line, we can assume we are on the right track.

Without an official announcement from Bungie, this information is speculation. However, If leaks are correct, we could be seeing one soon, ahead of the possible May 8th release. The Fallen Warmind expansion will also unlock the planet Mars, should these rumours prove true. Players of the original Destiny will have already visited Mars but it will be fresh for Destiny 2.

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