New Destiny 2 Forsaken trailer shows us the last stand of Cayde-6

With less than two weeks to go before the Forsaken expansion goes live, Destiny has given us another trailer. This time we see the last stand of our favourite gunslinger, Cayde-6, against the Scorn.

The trailer below was released on Friday by Destiny for the next expansion coming next month. Forsaken will be very centred around Cayde-6 and our mission to avenge the loveable Hunter’s death. Taking on the Scorn with his trusty pistol Ace of Spades, watch the Last Stand of the Gunslinger below:

From the trailer, we can see Cayde in the Prison of Elders in The Reef. The expansion will begin with a prison break that will see the Barons escape. The Barons are high ranking Fallen who have unique weapons and abilities, two of which are highlighted in the trailer. We see Cayde face off waves of Scorn, a rogue faction of Fallen led by the Barons and Prince Uldren Sov. Ultimately during the battle, Cayde’s ghost is destroyed, leaving him without his light. With a final blow from one of the Barons, the trailer ends with Cayde still alive. We know from other cinematics that Uldren may be the one to kill Cayde. Because of this, we may get a more complete trailer closer to the release date.

So what does it all mean?

Below is a video from YouTuber My name is Byf who is a very active member of the Destiny lore community. He explains the trailer in detail, making reference to each of the Barons who play a larger part in Cayde’s demise. The characters that the cinematic builds for us will make for a very in-depth storyline for the Forsaken expansion. And of course, it will make it all the more satisfying when we come up against them in game.

The question then remains as to what happens next and who will replace Cayde-6 as the next Hunter Vanguard mentor. My name is Byf has also helped answer this question in another earlier video. While we may not know exactly who it will be until the expansion goes live, there is some speculation about who it could be. According to My name is Byf, the most likely contender is Shiro-4. Shiro is another Exo Guardian, like Cayde, who is a Hunter Vanguard scout. As a trusted ally of Cayde, he may be the one to step into his shoes.

The Forsaken expansion will begin on September 4th and is currently available for Pre-Order with Cayde’s Exotic Stash.

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