Will the next Destiny 2 expansion travel to the Reef for Year 2

Bungie is set to reveal the next expansion for Destiny 2 next week during a live stream. It will be the first DLC from Year 2, following a similar layout to the original Destiny roadmap.

The first Destiny was originally planned to be the sole game of the series. Each year, Bungie were to add more content to the game by releasing DLC expansions. The plan for Destiny 2 seems to be similar, with year 2 beginning later this year. Below, is the most recent version of the roadmap from Bungie’s Development team. It shows that Season 1 of Year 2 will, in fact, begin in September this year. The scheduled live stream should let us in on more details about what is to come.

Destiny 2 Development Roadmap
Destiny 2 Development Roadmap. Source: Bungie.net

So what could that be?

The new expansion is rumoured to take place in the Reef, based on the final cutscene of the Destiny 2 campaign. When the traveller sends the light across the galaxy, it passes over Mercury, Mars and then The Reef. The latter being unexplored in Destiny 2 after the two current expansions took us to Mercury and Mars respectively. As they reside in The Reef, the Awoken should be making an appearance in Year 2.

Leaks surrounding the new expansion suggest that it will be much larger than its two predecessors. We will supposedly be getting ten expansion story missions and four accompanying strikes. The Reef and The Void are possibly the two new areas we will get to explore. It is also rumoured that The Awoken Queen, Mara Sov will be making a return. She was thought to be dead back in Destiny 1 but the story may follow her brother, Uldren Sov, on a mission to rescue her from the Nine.

These leaks have not been confirmed by Bungie and are just speculation at this point in time. Should they be true, we will find out in Bungie’s Twitch stream next week. The stream will go live on Twitch on Tuesday the 5th of June at 9 am PT.  For us in Australia, that will be on Wednesday the 6th of June at 2 am AEST.