The long-awaited Dead or Alive 6 Release Date has just been announced with another trailer. If you have been a fan of the franchise, you only have to wait until February 15th 2019, released on XboxOne, PS4 and PC.

Team Ninja, the studio behind the development of DoA 6, have released a decent amount of info regarding the game. The roster of this fighting game will include the iconic characters of the franchise such as Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa, Lei Fang and Jann Lee. DoA 6 will also include new playable characters to spice up the roster and bring new things to the meta such as Diego.

Along with the roster, there are some bits and pieces of gameplay shown in the trailer such as environmental interactions (sort of like Injustice 2’s stage transitions) to give a bit of an extra dimension to this 3D Fighter.

With this announcement, there is some additional information you may be interested in. DoA 6 is now available for preorder which comes with some bonuses. All Preorders will get an extra character, Nyotengu. If you preordered it as a digital edition via PS4 or Xbox, you will get a pre-order bonus theme or a costume for Ryu Hayabusa respectively. Early purchases will get a Kasumi costume as well. If you aren’t planning to get those bonuses now but decide to change your mind, these bonuses will be available for purchase after the game releases.

As with most video game ‘editions’, there is also a deluxe edition with extra things tacked onto it for a bit of extra money. The deluxe editions throws in a set of costumes (25 total), a new character known as Phase 4, and a BGM set. All of this can be ordered on their website, here.

With Dead or Alive 6 looming around the corner in an already jam-packed month of gaming, will you plan to dip your hands into the 3D fighter yourself?

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