Roster Changes post Major


Roster changes are an eSports regular, Counter-Strike teams will change their lineups when they are not working. When the players contracts are up they can renew and stay with their team, move on or other teams can buy out those contracts. After the recent Boston Major, many teams needed to rethink their rosters and mix it up a bit. Here are some of those teams and their players who have made the change.

The end of an era for one of Counter-Strike’s longest running lineups. made the decision to bench TaZ from their active roster and bring in MICHU as a stand in. TaZ has been with the Polish lineup well before the days of Global-Offensive. The Golden 5 were a Counter-Strike 1.6 team that inlcuded TaZ, NEO and pasha. The three players then joined with Snax and byali as they transitioned into CSGO and the roster had not been changed since. Since then have been a solid presence in the eSports scene until their recent drop off in performance. TaZ is excited to move on from the team and thanked all his fans for their support in a tweet. As one of the oldest players in professional Counter-Strike, TaZ is always one to spread the love so we are eager to see what his career brings him next. bench TaZ bench TaZ


After a journey through the teams of CSGO, Magisk has landed in the Astralis camp. An announcement video was tweeted by Astralis, making a reference to Magisk’s name by summoning him with a magic wand. Magisk has moved around a lot in the last season, starting in the Danish team North and moving onto the North American team OpTiC. Back to a team from his home country of Denmark once again, Astralis may be a nicer fit for him.


As Astralis welcome Magisk to the team, they have also said goodbye to Kjaerbye who has joined North. The 19 year old from Denmark will resume his usual role of Rifler for his new team. North also recently picked up mertz to replace cajunb and Kjaerbye replaces k0nfig as the two players move onto OpTiC. Both new members are currently competing for North in the CS Summit in Los Angeles with their Semi Final match tomorrow.

Kjaerbye joins North
Kjaerbye joins North


After Magisk left, OpTiC was down to just friberg and allu, who have both since been dropped. OpTiC have now completed their lineup, signing k0nfig, cajunb, Stanislaw, ShahZaM and gade. Cajunb and k0nfig both make the move from North while gade is on a 6 month loan from the Danish team. Completing the North American part of the team are ShahZaM and new in game leader, Stanislaw.

OpTiC 2018 roster
OpTiC 2018 roster

It remains to be seen how these teams perform with their new rosters in the coming tournaments. As some of them have not been performing at their best, we hope these changes will make a noticeable difference. Be sure to catch these teams in the upcoming IEM Katowice and StarSeries Season 4 later this month.

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