Source: Whereisdanielle

Whereisdanielle is nominated for Cosplayer of the Year at the Australian Games Awards (AGAs). Gamers Classified spoke with her about her reaction to being nominated and how she expresses her creativity through cosplay.

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GC: What was your reaction to being nominated?

W: Surprise, I found out via a friend from high school and honestly didn’t believe it at first. I still don’t really believe it, but I’m super appreciative of the audience I have and the people who follow me, I wouldn’t be able to do some of the things I do without them and I certainly wouldn’t have been nominated without them.

GC: How did you first become interested in Cosplay?

W: I’ve always been super creative, and I owe that to my parents. They’ve always encouraged me to be creative and make a mess as long as I clean it up, so when I moved from making bits of art to making big cosplay projects the support remained. Cosplay was kind of just a natural progression, I saw other people doing it and just thought why can’t I?

Source: Whereisdanielle

GC: You’ve mentioned on Facebook that you have also made original design costumes. Can you tell us a little more about this?

W: I haven’t built my own designs in a while now but that’s only because I’m planning a big one for the near future. But the real draw to original designs is being able to have complete creative control over all aspects and build what you want to build. Taking something from an idea, to a 2D representation and then out into the real world is really special.

GC: Is there anything else you would like to add? 

W: I just really want to thank everyone that’s followed and supported me on my journey, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support, suggestions and at times financial help of my social media followers. Having people who are not only excited about what I’m making but also willing to help me make it is really special. And a very big thank you to my friends who put up with my prolonged absences, and scattered brain while I’m buried in projects, and my family for their support and tolerance of my mess over the years.

Whereisdanielle is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pateon. Vote for her to win Cosplayer of the Year by clicking here. Voting closes December 7th 2018.