• Competitive Free For All Deathmatch will be coming to Overwatch
  • The new Competitive Season will be coming with the Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Event
  • The mode will be released alongside a new FFA Deathmatch Map – Petra

Overwatch will be getting a Competitive Free For All mode, allowing players to earn competitive points and FFA SR through a Competitive FFA Season.

The news comes after the Overwatch team uploaded a Developer Update Video announcing a wealth of content to be rolled out with the Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Event.

Players will also be given the opportunity to unlock rewards from previous events that are typically locked away until their yearly event begins.

The content includes 8 new Legendary skins (One being hinted as a “Dapper” skin for a “Fine Gentleman”), A new lootbox, Returning brawls and missions from past events, and a new map – Petra.

The map will feature a “Mega Health Pack” at the middle of the map, and will supposedly get more dangerous as the map progresses – we’d love to see what the Overwatch Team has up there sleeves for this one, but the map hasn’t been revealed yet.

Little has been announced about the Competitive Free-For-All season – whether it will be a short season or more similar to the traditional Overwatch Competitive seasons is still up for speculation. Dates are still TBA.

The Competitive season will use the new Petra map and the Chateau Guillard map.

It’s worth considering that it won’t be the same length as Overwatch’s traditional Competitive. the last Chinese New Year, Archives and Summer Games updates were coupled with competitive Capture the Flag, Competitive Lockout Elimination, and Competitive Lucioball, so it seems like a trend is developing.

The Anniversary Event will kick off on the 23rd of May AEST.

Happy anniversary to the Overwatch team.