• St Patricks Day Event in CoD WW2 now running.
  • New Guns, Cosmetics, and a themed Re-skin of the Community HQ.
  • Remastered Shipment from Modern Warfare.

As per the Friday weekly community updates Sledgehammer Games has been sticking to, the “Shamrock and Awe” Community event has begun in Call of Duty: WWII, which will run through until April 3rd.

The event kicked off with a weekend of Double XP, which ended at 10 AM PT Today.

The update has hit the title similar to how the Original Operation: Shamrock & Awe community event hit Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, which occurred last year.

The community event brings with it news weapons, cosmetics, new game modes and new challenges.

The update even brings with it a revisited version of Modern Warfare’s Shipment, with “Shipment 1944”, re-skinned and toned for the games setting. The remastered map is free for all players.

Shipment 1944, via Youtube.com, Call of Duty

Along with this, Shamrock and Awe adds a seasonal “Leprechaun Hunt”, riding off the already in game Prop Hunt game mode. The alternative mode is free for all players.

The neww weapons include a new Light Machine Gun, the MG-81, and an SMG, the M-38, with 4-Leafed clover skins along with them.

The new weapons, via YouTube.com, Call of Duty


The new weapons are free for all players; however, players will need to acquire them through special orders or through unlocking variants of the weapons through supply crates.

On top of this, Sledgehammer Games has buffed the appearance of the Chrome Camo to make it stand out more and has made Prop Hunt playable on the DLC Maps released with “The Resistance”.

Sledgehammer games have also updated the payroll mechanic, so that players receive 200 credits rather than 100.

The developers have also announced that the “Dom XL” playlist will be on track to release on March 23 PT.

It’s good that the developers of Call of Duty are taking a more communitive approach to the development and release cycle of the games – such consistent updates will hold fans, and hold the game up to be able to compete with rivals on the market, such as Fortnite and Overwatch.

The event will end on April 3rd, in time for the announcement of CoD WWII’s second DLC pack to be announced.