Capcom celebrates the release of Devil May Cry HD Collection

Capcom released Devil May Cry HD Collection earlier today, along with a launch trailer and exclusive Monster Hunter: World content. The HD Collection includes the original Dante PS2 trilogy and is available Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. While it’s a direct port of the 2012 HD Collection for PS3, X360 and PC, it comes with some upgrades. This HD Collection runs at 1080p resolution and includes new concept art, soundtracks and fan art, curated by Capcom themselves. The launch trailer highlights some of DmC’s classic fast paced action, gothic art style and heavy metal soundtrack. To celebrate the launch, Capcom have also added new content to Monster Hunter: World. While they didn’t announce when it is available, Capcom released a quirky trailer for the new content.

How does the HD Collection compare?

As a direct port of the 2012 HD Collection, it is important to compare the 2018 version to both the originals and the 2012 version. While the games run at a crisp 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution, it is not flawless. The biggest issue that Capcom failed to rectify from the 2012 version is the aspect ratio issues. Capcom designed many of the games assets for the 4:3 ratio and not 16:9. Things like animated text in DMC1, HUD elements in DMC2 and pre-rendered cutscenes are warped or cropped by this unnatural change. This was an issue in the 2012 version and the current-gen port was a great opportunity to fix them.


With that said, this is still the definitive way to play Devil May Cry. The resolution bump compliments the more cell shaded style of DMC2, which has the most unappealing graphics of the trilogy. The smooth 60fps framerate is by far the biggest addition. Devil May Cry was known for its fast paced hack and slash gameplay. The increased framerate adds an essential crispness to gameplay. If you’ve never experienced Devil May Cry, this collection is the best way to play it.

Monster Hunter: World DLC

In celebration of the HD Collection’s release, Capcom are also releasing new event DLC for Monster Hunter: World. The new content includes Dante inspired weapons and armour, similar to the event armour for Aloy.

The armour includes Dante’s iconic red leather jacket and white hair, acting as a skin like the Ryu and Aloy armour. The weapons included are Dante’s trusty sword, the Force Edge, and his beloved pistols, Ebony and Ivory. The Force Edge acts like a Charge Blade, but doesn’t have a shield. While players can still guard, the Force Edge transforms into a giant Alastor instead of an Axe, like most Charge Blades. Ebony and Ivory act like Light Bowguns, however the trailer suggests they will fire more rapidly. Players can craft these weapons and armour from materials gathered in the associated event quest. Unlike the Horizon: Zero Dawn event, this is not exclusive to Playstation and is available on Xbox One as well.

Dante Ebony Ivory
Dante wielding Ebony and Ivory in Monster Hunter: World

With more and more crossover characters appearing in Monster Hunter, who else would you like to see appear in Events? A Witcher/Geralt of Rivia crossover was rumoured last week, would Monster Hunter: World be a good fit? Let us know in the comments below.