Anybody remember the Modern Warfare Lobby’s? Gosh were they a bundle of joy. Watching this trailer brings it all back and the final part of the video? Yup good memories of either hackers or someone going on an absolute rampage.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare appears to have stunning graphics but i’ve seen statements made from people that the game is either too violent or graphic but if we can be completely honest here, war was never meant to be something theatrical and pretty, it was meant to be bloody and unpredictable.

Looks refreshing and certainly has peaked my interest.  I’ve placed my pre-order and you can do that here and get early access to beta.

Dates you might want to keep in mind are PlayStation 4: September 12th – 13th for early access and September 14th – 16th for open beta.

The beta featuring crossplay testing launches September 19th – 20th for early access on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Open beta starts September 21st – 23rd.