Image via Call of Duty on YouTube

  • A New Call of Duty WWII Event has been Announced
  • The Event comes based around Zombies, with all new Guns, Customization Options, modes and a map
  • The event will run through to June 25th

Sledgehammer Games seems to love their events – after the Shamrock and Awe Event and the Blitzkrieg Event, it’s pretty clear that there’s some versatility as far as in-game events goes.

Well, here’s the new one – the “Attack of the Undead!”.

Zombies in Call of Duty Multiplayer, coming with three new modes over the course of the event? I’ve only been asking for this since Black Ops 1.

The new modes will be “PvPvZ”, which just sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted. I love it when the Multiplayer formula is mixed up.

Oh, and here’s that new map, Groesten Haus.

The event will be adding 5 new weapons, including The Nambu Type 2 SMG, The Blunderbuss, The Leaver Action Sniper Rifle, The PTRS 41 Sniper Rifle, The Stinger LMG, The Fire Axe, and The Claymore (The Sword, not the Explosive).

These new additions can be obtained through progression in the event, along with cosmetics, emblems and icons.

It’s great to see content continue to be supported in Call of Duty WWII – CoD’s transition into the modern Video Game market has been rough so far, but these community events have so far proven that the developers are capable of providing a reasonable update model – whether or not the Games are value for money in recognition of competition is a question for another time.

The New Content has already dropped into the game, and the event will be running through to June 26th.

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