• “The War Machine” Will be the second paid DLC for Call of Duty WWII
  • It will include 3 standard maps, 1 War Mode Mission Map, and 1 Zombies Map
  • The New War Mode Mission Map adds Dogfighting in its final stage

Call of Duty WWII’s newest DLC pack has been revealed as “The War Machine”, and will be adding 3 new maps, a new War Mode Map and a new Zombies experience.

The new maps are themed around areas of the Second World War previously unexplored by the game.


Via Call of Duty on YouTube

Dunkirk will take place in the French Beach-side city of Dunkirk, which was contested over in the early years of the Second World War.

On the Call of Duty Website, the description for Dunkirk reads ‘Snipers can be very effective here, though aggressive running and gunning can also pay off, making every engagement unique in this iconic battleground’


Via Call of Duty on YouTube

Egypt is the first North-African map to be put into CoD: WWII.

The description for this map reads ‘Every playstyle can succeed in this varied an dynamic new map’ 


Via Call of Duty on YouTube

V2 will take place in a ‘Rocket Development and Test Site located in Rural Germany’.

Described on the Call of Duty Website, ‘This is a small, ultra-fast paced map features a launch tower in the center that provides a focal point and an opportunity to grab an elevated sightline on unsuspecting opponents. Explosive action is guarranteed here, in more ways than one!’

Operation Husky

Via Call of Duty on YouTube

Operation Husky is the Newest Addition to Call of Duty’s New War Modes.

Stage-Based and taking place on larger maps with Objectives, War Modes have been a well received addition to the franchise.

This newest map takes place in Sicily and is ‘one of the major blows against the Nazi War Machine‘.

The first two stages of the map will be to Gather and Transmit intel on the Nazi fortifications.

The maps third stage is comprised of Dog-Fighting, a new addition to multiplayer Call of Duty. In the third stage, all players will be put into Fighter-planes, with the German team tasked with attacking enemy Bombers, and the Allies team tasked with defending them.

Zombies: The Shadowed Throne

Via Call of Duty on YouTube

The next chapter in CoD WWII’s Zombies mode takes players into Zombified Berlin.

Not much has been confirmed about the lore of this map, however there will be new powered up Zombies, including this one that receives a hit of energy from Blimps above the map…

Via Call of Duty on YouTube

…and this electrified hulk.

Via Call of Duty on YouTube

Are DLC Packs a tired model?

This DLC Pack will be going for $20.45, and will be adding all the content listed above. For 5 buyer-exclusive maps, this doesn’t resonate well with the competition CoD has in the modern FPS Market, and considering the stream-update model that a lot of CoD’s competition has, this DLC pack doesn’t add all that much.

Whilst CoD is making strides into diversifying its player base by introducing new modes, settings and customization options, a $20.45 price tag on 5 maps not everyone will be allowed to access is very counter to the Update-Models of Overwatch, R6S, CSGO and Fortnite, giving reason as to why the popularity has shifted since releases like Black Ops and Modern Warfare II.

However, it does seem like they’re willing to go different places with the franchise, given the recent Shamrock and Awe live event.

The DLC Pack will be releasing on April 10th on PS4, and on May 10th on PC and XBox One.