Bungie reveals Forsaken and Annual Pass for Year 2 of Destiny 2

We are travelling to The Reef for this next expansion, Forsaken. It is to be released in September later this year and is now available for pre-order.

Bungie has now revealed what they have planned for Destiny 2. The next expansion in the series will start off Year 2 with Forsaken. The official reveal video below lets us in what on what the team at Bungie are bringing to the game. They have finally listened to the fans and the community and putting that feedback to good use. It also looks like we were on the right track with the teaser, as we will be heading to The Reef.

So what are we actually getting? Well, the Forsaken expansion is going to be huge, much bigger than both Curse of Osiris and The Fallen Warmind. According to the reveal video, there will be a new game mode called Gambit, that has taken the focus off PvP while still being PvP. Nine new supers will be coming our way so we can look forward to mastering those. On top of all this great new stuff, the weapon system is also getting a makeover and we are getting a brand new weapon type.

We will also be discovering new areas both familiar as well as unexplored from the original Destiny. The Tangled Shore is a brand new area that is located in The Reef. A collection of asteroids strung together, this is where you will start out. The Dreaming City, the homeland of the Awoken, is the setting for the new raid. With more bosses than previous raids, the city will change with gameplay and with time.

New game mode: Gambit

Gambit is PvP for the players that don’t like PvP, it’s PvPvE. You will still be up against another team but will rarely have to fight each other. Teams will be separated into their own arenas and will have to fend off hordes of different enemies. Killing these enemies will then drop motes of light which players need to collect and put in their bank. You can spend these a couple of ways, including shutting down the enemy team’s bank and summoning a blocker in their arena which they much defeat to reopen their bank. Another option brings in the PvP aspect which allows a single player from a team to ‘invade’ the other team’s arena and start wreaking havoc. Once a certain number of these motes have been collected a team can summon their primeval to kill and win the round.

New Forsaken Game Mode: Gambit
New Forsaken Game Mode: Gambit. Source: YouTube

Weapon System Makeover and a Bow?

Drawing inspiration from the original Destiny weapon system, players can now put any weapon type in any slot. Have two kinetic weapons you wanted to use without having to go into your inventory and switch them out? Want to use three different shotguns? Well, now you can. This gives players a lot of flexibility in how they would like to play the game. Each weapon type will still use it’s assigned ammo type, which means you will have to watch how much you’re using. We will also be getting a new weapon type that will ultimately be a bow and arrow. The nightstalker super has featured the bow mechanic before but this will be a normal, usable weapon. To make them balanced against the current weapons in Destiny, they will need to be some powerful bows.

The Forsaken expansion will be releasing on September 4th and is currently available for pre-purchase for $54.95 AU. The Annual Pass that will give players access to the rest of the content coming in Year 2 is available in a bundle with Forsaken for $99.95 AU. There is also a Deluxe Edition with additional content, available for $109.95 AU.