Bungie brings a Costume Contest to Destiny 2 for the Festival of the Lost. source-tataN-bungie.net

For the final week of the Festival of the Lost, Bungie has created a Costume Contest for our in-game characters.

With Halloween fast approaching, us humans can’t be the only ones to dress up in costume. The masks featured in the Festival of the Lost event have set this up perfectly. Players can throw together an outfit, consisting of masks and shaded armour combinations. Spooky or humorous, Bungie wants to see what you’ve got.

Find the perfect background, get the right angle and take a screenshot of your creation. You can then upload it to Bungie’s Community Creations page, or post it to Twitter, or Instagram, with the hashtag #FestivalofCostumes to enter the contest. Players can enter up until 12 pm AEDT on November 1st.

Bungie will then announce 10 winners who will receive a unique emblem for their efforts. There are already plenty of entries so far that are downright hilarious. Group costumes are also very much encouraged which makes for endless possibilities.

Never stood a chance against a team of Lord Shaxx
Never stood a chance against a team of Lord Shaxx. Source: Donthy on Bungie.net

Changes coming with update 2.0.5

This week there will also be some quality of life and weapon changes coming to Destiny 2. Including reducing hold times for dismantling and acquiring certain items. Banshee-44 will also accept more Gunsmith Materials at once so you don’t have to spam it to hand them in. The stack size for Ghost Fragments has also doubled so you don’t get maxed out at 10 and can then buy more WANTED bounties. You can view the full patch notes on Bungie.net.

Speaking of double, this week is also introducing Double Down for Gambit. Infamy ranks will be accelerated 2x starting October 31st and then increase to 3x on November 3rd AEDT. The update will also increase the spawn rates of the Ascendant Primeval Servitor, which is good news for all those who haven’t got their hands on Malfeasance yet.

Bungie has also introduced a Refer-a-Friend system where veterans of Forsaken can show new players the ropes. Once referred, with the link on Bungie.net, you can begin the Refer-a-Friend quest and both players can earn some exclusive loot.

It’s going to be a hectic week in Destiny 2, so get your fireteam together and make some memories Guardian.

Feature image source: tataN on Bungie.net