Oh boy, Does anyone remember Bubsy the Bobcat? Failed Mascot, Sonic Clone and Pun-King of the mid 90’s? Well he remembers you and he’s back again with another game, contain your excitement. Bubsy was a platforming series (using platforming lightly) released on various systems in the mid to late 90’s. The gameplay was way to fast, hard to control and constantly had you on the ‘Game Over’ screen for touching seemingly harmless objects or jumping off something too high for Bubsy – that in any other game, wouldn’t be a problem.

Bubsy gained a cult following long after his demise for his infamously terrible puns, constant talking during gameplay and of course, for his crème de la crème, ‘Bubsy 3D: Furbitten Planet’ for the original PlayStation. We all thought Bubsy would stay dormant, but in June of 2017, we were blessed with the announcement of ‘Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back’ with developers Black Forest Games (best known for the reboot of the Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams in 2012) handling the title. The game, once released, was met with low to mediocre scores, but will this new Bubsy game be better, no… even a good game?

This time around, Bubsy: Paws on Fire is being developed by Choice Provisions, who had previous worked on the outstanding Bit.Trip Series, and from the gameplay demos we have, it doesn’t look all too bad. This new Bubsy game has a mix of normal platforming stages, shooter sections and racing levels, a seemingly nice mix at first glance. If this game is successful or not likely rests in the hands (and wallets) of the fans… or people who easily give second chances. At least this time, they’re offering multiple playable characters, but will that be enough to save the series?

Bubsy: Paws on Fire is being funded mainly on KickStarter, with most of the rewards being in-game costumes or additional levels- and the two physical rewards being a Limited Edition Physical Copy of the game and it’s Soundtrack on CD for $50 USD, (plus shipping) exclusive to the PS4 planned for a release in April, though with KickStarter, it’s hard to say when, or if, these rewards will be met. (I, myself, have a few ongoing KickStarters from 2012 when I heavily backed multiple projects and are yet to see anything from them – Proceed with caution.) ‘Bubsy: Paws on Fire’ is planned to be coming out for the PS4, Switch and Steam– and if you would like to back this project and see it come to life, you can do so on KickStarter right here. Though I won’t be partaking in this particular KickStarter, I wish the Bubsy Team and Black Forest Games the best of luck, Don’t let me down.

“What could pawsibly go wrong?”
– Bubsy the Bobcat, 1993