Image via Boston Uprising on Twitter

  • Boston Uprising landed a 3 – 2 Victory against the London Spitfire
  • The match was a reverse sweep; The Spitfire only won 1 round in the last 3 matches
  • Boston Uprising’s next game will be tomorrow at 1:00PM AEST against Seoul Dynasty

Overwatch League Team the Boston Uprising has snatched an impressive victory against the London Spitfire in Stage 3 of the OWL Inaugural Season.

At 1PM AEST today, the Uprising overtook the Spitfire, turning the tides in the crazy matchup.

If you missed the match, you can catch it on the Overwatch League’s channel – here’s a link to the match. If you want to catch the excitement, here’s a link to the Boston Uprising’s Twitter – they’ve been going crazy since the intense victory.

The Blue and Yellow-Jerseyed Team landed a Reverse Sweep against the Spitfire.

On Temple of Anubis and Numbani, the Spitfire scored well-fought victories against the Uprising, scoring 3 – 2 on both maps, however the Uprising made it all back across Ilios, Junkertown and Oasis, scoring 2 – 0, 1 – 0 and 2 – 1 respectively.

A reverse sweep is an intense display, and is when the losing team makes it all back and is victorious, taking over the score of the winning team in the final matches.

“I think a lot of the issues was communication… … we had a lot of problems just getting people on the same target” Said Team D.Va player, Note, after the victory.

“Everybody just kinda grouped up at the end”

“There’s a lot of emotion… … When things like this happen, your heart rate spikes, your adrenaline’s going, i’m kind of shaking right now, it’s incredible”

The victory is even more thrilling considering the Spitfire was a runner up in the last Stage of the Inaugural Season.

This is a big event for the Overwatch League and the popular eSports scene – the last time this happened was in Stage 1, between the Philadelphia Fusion and the Los Angeles Gladiators.

More intense match ups are to come by the end of the Inaugural season.

The Boston Uprising will be playing again tomorrow against the Seoul Dynasty at 1PM AEST.