After Record-Breaking PC Launch in 2017, PC Community To Receive Destiny 2 Free

Exciting news for Destiny players this morning as an announcement came that PC players would receive the sequel free of charge. The announcement came from Bungie and Activision, in collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment.

From now until November 19th in Australia and New Zealand players everyone on Blizzard’s gaming platform who has not already purchased Destiny 2 will have the opportunity to claim it as a free gift.

Gameplay of Destiny 2

Players will have the opportunity to download the game once they have played it, although it may not be available in every region, according to Activision.

New accounts created after 5:00 a.m. AEDT on November 3, 2018, will be required to enable Blizzard SMS Protect before claiming their game license.  Destiny 2 is redeemable from

However, as this free gift can only be claimed by those who have not yet purchased Destiny 2, existing players will receive an exclusive emblem not available anywhere else. This will become available in December to commemorate the first anniversary of being on

In addition to this, new Guardians will be able to test out Destiny 2: Forsaken’s new mode “Gambit,” from November 10th through 12th 2018 in Australia and New Zealand, during the Gambit Free Weekend.

Gambit is a 4v4 hybrid activity included with Destiny 2: Forsaken. More details are available here.

Recently released was Destiny 2: Forsaken, a major expansion for the game

Steve Cotton, game director for Destiny 2: Forsaken at Bungie spoke on the topic.

We know Destiny players that want to play on PC expect an amazing experience, whether it’s on their own or with their friends — so, our paramount concern was to keep the discerning requirements of the PC community in mind, and welcoming the and Bungie PC communities together,” he said.

He added that, “With this gift we look forward to seeing new Guardians in our universe.”

The internationally acclaimed Destiny series and has experienced record-breaking launches. It is a game not to be missed, particularly by those eligible to receive the game for free.

To get a taste of Destiny 2, check out the trailer below.

This opportunity will only last until November 19th, so don’t miss out. For more information, check out the Destiny website at:



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